Ball screws are often the best option for linear actuation, whether the target is high  precision or low cost. Precision, guarantee, reliability, quality in innovation.

Since 1967, whatever the production requirements are, ball screw industry meets even  the most challenging needs of the market with the most appropriate technical solutions thanks  to its ground ball screw and rolled ball screws. 

Ball screw industry work philosophy is based on a constant search for continuous  improvement always in close cooperation with his customers. The aim is to obtain highly  competitive quality products and services consequently anticipating the needs of the market. 

Ball screw industry is pleased to announce the release of the new Technology for Rolled  Ball Screws, mainly designed to be used in any linear translation application which does not  require grinding precision. 

Main characteristics are: 

Diameters from 16 mm to 63 mm. 

Thread from 5 mm to 50 mm. 

Lengths up to 6 meters. 

One or several inputs. 

IT7, IT5 Qualities.

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