Fig. 1. To justify the effectiveness, one accelerated life test analysis for ball screw degradation  embraces two different methodologies – the physics based approaches and the data driven  approaches. Previous research on physics based approaches dive deep into the fault  mechanism and attempt to derive an equation of ball pass frequency (BPF) to study the preload  loss. However, due to the complex motion trajectory of the rolling mechanism, an explicit  function for BPF is intrinsically challenging and there is still no generally accepted equation for  BPF.  

To create a simplified visualization tool, many manufacturing industries prefer to use three  different stages (Green Zone, Yellow Zone, Red Zone) to describe the health condition of machine  tools or critical components. The Green Zone indicates that machine tools or critical components  are in a healthy condition and that no further attention is needed for normal operation. The Yellow  Zone indicates that machine tools or critical components are in a mildly degraded condition, and  although they can still operate normally, potential failure would happen in the near future due to  degradation, thus, further attention is needed. Finally, the Red Zone indicates that machine tools  or critical components are in a faulty condition, they need to be replaced or repaired before being  used in a production line.

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