Carburizing and quenching precision gears are usually made of alloy steel with a mass fraction of 0.2%~0.3% before carburizing, and the tooth surface hardness is usually within the range of 58~62HRC.When it is lower than 57HRC, the strength of tooth surface decreases significantly, while when it is higher than 62HRC, brittleness increases.Gear heart hardness is generally 310~330HBW appropriate.The hardness of the carburized hardened gear, the effective carburizing depth is defined as the surface to deep should be gradually reduced, and the effective carburizing depth is defined as the surface to hardness 52.5HRC depth.

bevel gear

  The influence of carburizing and quenching on the bending fatigue strength of the gear not only improves the hardness of the core, but also lies in the residual compressive stress on the surface, which can reduce the stress in the maximum tensile stress zone of the gear.Therefore, when grinding teeth can not grind the root of the teeth, hobbing to use the amount of grinding hob.

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