Worm And Helical Gear

We are a well-known company in offering?Helical Worm Gear, which is widely renowned for its durability and high quality.

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We are a well-known company in offering Helical Worm Gear, which is widely renowned for its durability and high quality.

A worm gear is a spiral thread simial to a thread on a bolt. The worm gear engages a bevel gear, as the worm gear turns its threads push the teeth of the bevel gear cauing the bevel gear to rotate.

The thread angle is such that only the worm gear may be truned to drive th larger gear. If the larger gear is attempted to be turned the teeth of teh bevel gear just jame against the worm gear keeping the larger gear locked in position.

This means that a worm gear only lets power flow in one direction from the worm to the gear but not the other way around.

Product Specification




Flange Mount


0.3 mm to 2.0 mm



With over 30 years' experience and hundreds of qualified personnel, Wanfu Precision is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of worm and helical gear in China. Offering worm and helical gear customized service, our factory is specialized in producing high precision products.
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